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The Mediterranean– May to September

A cruise around the Med is still the most popular choice for the British, according to a recent article in the Daily Telegraph. You can enjoy the very best Europe has to offer, including the Gaudi buildings of Barcelona, the waterways of Venice, the Colosseum in Rome and panoramic views from the Rock of Gibraltar – not to mention the mouth-watering array of delicacies you’ll be devouring along the way.

If you want to enjoy a cruise closer to home and get away from the unpredictable British weather, a trip around the Mediterranean is the perfect way to see Europe´s most fascinating cities and resorts. Whether you’re looking to visit the Colosseum in Rome, relax on the beach in St. Tropez, enjoy Greek cuisine in Rhodes or explore the fascinating old cities of Croatia, a Mediterranean cruise offers a wealth of things to see and do.

View of Santorini

Combining stunning beaches with European city tours, you can choose from a cruise of the Western Mediterranean or the Eastern Mediterranean, and discover the very best of this compelling continent. Typically, Western Mediterranean cruises visit the Italian cities of Genoa, Florence, Naples, Portofino, Capri, Venice, and the French cities of St. Tropez, Monaco and Marseille, the Canary Islands, Portugal, Croatia and Sicily. Eastern Mediterranean cruises take in the stunning sights of the Dalmatian Coast, the glorious vistas of the Greek Isles and fascinating history of Turkey.

So if you want to explore the soul of the Mediterranean and the wealth of cultural capitals on offer, why not consider a cruise around the Continent?

High season runs from May to September, but you might want to avoid August as this is when the Continent is at its busiest. September is a good choice as most children are back at school and it’s still warm. Alternatively, the low season runs from October to April, where destinations such as Morocco, Spain and the Canary Islands offer plenty of winter sun.

Valetta, Malta


Blessed with the beauty of two massive historic harbours, Valletta is famous for being one of the best preserved fortified cities in the world. With architecture dating back to the sixteenth century, Valletta offers an impressive array of cultural attractions: museums, churches, palaces and parks, in addition to an incredible wealth of art, artefacts and architecture, all of which are packed into the city’s charming grid of narrow, tight-knit streets.

Valletta pulsates with the action of everyday street-life. Amid the unspoilt streets and alleys, you’ll stumble upon small, trendy hole-in-the-wall bars and cafes while the buildings in Valletta carefully hold onto their historical good looks. As you explore, don’t miss St John’s Co-Cathedral with its elaborate interior and adjoining oratory museum which showcases “The Beheading of St John”, Caravaggio’s largest and only signed work.

Dubrovnik skyline


“Those who seek paradise on Earth should seek it in Dubrovnik,” advised the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw.

History buffs are completely spoilt for UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Dubrovnik’s Old Town is in fact one of the best-preserved medieval walled cities on the Mediterranean. Step back in time and follow the 13th-century city walls backed by the shimmering Adriatic Sea below, before you descend to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town and explore. Drop in at the Franciscan Monastery, home to Europe’s oldest pharmacy, and marvel at this area’s beautifully adorned baroque churches.

Park Guell, Barcelona


Barcelona always feels like a summer holiday, its Mediterranean and Catalonian treasures wrapped into one easy to explore package.

The streets dance with architectural intrigue while coastal pleasures are framed against blue skies, and there’s a warm welcome regardless of the season.

On any holiday to Barcelona you’re immediately immersed in the city’s idiosyncratic atmosphere. Food, casas, beaches, monuments…every attraction has an undeniably distinct feel.

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